SMARTset4E Industrial IoT platform

SMARTset is a state-of-the-art IoT platform that provides operational managers with the tools to connect to any equipment, sensor or element of their built environment. It can analyse that data to discover insights and if required locally or centrally control source equipment and sensors.

It is suitable for technical estates, data centres, communication rooms and street cabinet applications and connecting industrial built environments for SME's or as part of a Demand Side Response initiative.

6 Modules: Customisable: Configurable

The SMARTset platform features 6 modules that can be customised easily and configured quickly:

Data at a glance

SMARTset has dynamic dashboards. Simply drag and drop from the extensive widget library

Connect with Industry protocols

Built in protocols enable SMARTset to connect to SNMP, BACnet, Modbus and HTTP devices and the list is growing daily

Flexible deployment

SMARTset can be installed on any major operating system and is compatible with touch devices including iPad, Android and mobile

IoT Technology platform for the technical estate and built environment

4energy is a proven innovator of IoT solutions for technical estates and built environments from data centres to street cabinets. SMARTset has been built using standard technologies – SQL databases and JAVA. Our solutions are rooted in deep connections with field deployments with key customers who share their best practices and provide input during the product development process. This has ensured that SMARTset is secure and reliable. It has been developed on an Open Source Platform. It also features a plugin system based on an industry standard framework so new features can be easily integrated


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