COOLflow4E Free cooling technology

COOLflow Force is the latest free cooling system from 4energy the world renowned free air cooling specialists. Designed, tested and manufactured with our wealth of free-cooling knowledge COOLflow Force has been deployed at customer sites across two continents. It is installed in a wide range of applications including shelters, equipment rooms, and telecommunication cabins.

By deploying COOLflow Force overall OPEX spend is reduced as regular filter replacement or maintenance is not required due to its’ proven non-clogging reliability. From shelter cooling through to larger equipment rooms, the benefits of free cooling are being used by our customers across the globe to save energy and decrease CO2 emissions.

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Delivering site energy savings of up to 30% at an exceptional ROI


Extending the life of current cooling assets at a lower maintenance cost


Providing visibility into energy and equipment usage

COOLflow Force Unifilter


Wide choice of filtration

With a choice of filters using the 4energy patented COOLfilter technology, COOLflow Force can be tailored to customer needs with respect to both airflow and filtration requirements.


  • Simple, fast & flexible to install
  • No maintenance required (with maintenance free air system only) plus 5 year guarantee if COOLfilter remains unchanged
  • Options available with free air only or free air plus active cooling
  • Compatible with existing air conditioners, helping to prolong the service life of those assets
  • Advanced intelligent energy saving controls

Superb part load efficiency

COOLflow Force utilises the latest in fan motor technology to provide not only the markets highest airflow, single fan product, but also the most efficient.

COOLflow Force on cabin


“The COOLflow range of products and specifically COOLflow
Force have revolutionised our network cooling. It has truly
been ‘fit and forget’ technology with amazing energy savings”

leading global telecommunications customer

Market Leading Performance

COOLflow Force takes full advantage of the latest advances in fan technology to provide the market leading airflow, irrespective of the chosen filter variant.

Typical design calculations for traditional free-air roll outs have relied on a high temperature difference between the internal and external spaces, however with the higher airflow delivered by COOLflow Force this can be significantly reduced. Delivering high air change rates, COOLflow Force provides consistent and suitable conditions for optimum equipment operation in shelters, telecommunication cabins and equipment rooms.

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